Name preview project

This project was part of my work at Tenengroup.
The company's focus on Personalized jewelry E-commerce websites.
The "Name previw" feature was added in resent years to the product's
page, and offered the costumer, a virtual way to preview their own
unique jewelry, before buying it.

the process

Using pure css 3d tools, basic html and some JavaScript, I made these "fake" 3d effect. The idea was to alow dynamic text to be placed in the exact place, an in the exact way it would look on the product the costomer is thinking to buy.

With deep understanding of dimentions, due to my previous work with Photoshop, I found a way to use css, html, svg and JavaScrtipt combined, witch created this illusion.
interactive way to show dynamic 3d text on images. This feature increase sales up to 18% per product.